The People Power Community Owned Renewable Energy Cooperative model can be used equally well for:

  • Owner-occupied households with a suitable roof but where the owner is not in a financial position to outlay the capital for a quality solar system or they may be thinking of selling within the lease period and therefore reluctant to over-capitalise on a solar installation.
  • Owner-occupied houses which do not have a roof suitable for a solar installation (too much shade, wrong angle, etc). In this case the investor member financially supports a solar installation on another member’s house and receives a return on their investment as well as contributing to the general roll out of renewable energy in the region.
  • Rental properties in which case the landlord becomes the lessee who can then claim a negative gearing tax rebate as well as attract a higher rent because of the tenants’ lower power bills.
  • Purchasing the latest model storage batteries shared between a set of neighbouring houses.

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